Eating Athens Food Tour, Αθηνα

Eating Athens Food Tour
Πλ. Μοναστηρακίου
105 55 Αθηνα


O Μοναδικός Γαστρονομικός Περίπατος στα κρυφά σοκάκια του ιστορικού κέντρου της Αθήνας. Θα γευτείτε 24 διαφορετικές γεύσεις από 7 γαστρονομικούς σταθμούς.

An educational and refreshing mouthwatering food tour where you will discover some of the best Greek traditional products and delicacies. A great chance to learn taste original Greek products and enhance your gastronomic adventures

You will explore 24 different tastes from 7 different gastronomic stops

Περιγραφή εταιρείας στα αγγλικά
Mysterious herbs, great cheeses and cold cuts, natural table olives, special pickles, bio wines and raki, fresh organic meat, authentic desserts, and so much more….

But this is not the most important . Τhe most important is all the knowledge you will get behind the food. Our goal is to connect authentic quality Greek products with the culture, through the understanding of the history, the tradition and the production process to fine tasting. Quick and easy with the help of short educational videos.
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Eating Athens Food Tour


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