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Έχουμε ενα απο τα μεγαλύτερα καταστήματα ενοικίασης και πώλησης ποδηλάτων στην κερκυρα προσφέροντας άψογο σέρβις.

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Our shop is one of the largest operators of bicycles on Corfu, placing emphasis on quality and service. We specialize in group or family bike rentals and sales as well as bike repair, since we offer the greatest parts needed for bike maintenance.Corfu is an ideal destination for cycling, mainly due to the existing natural environment and attracts numerous riders every year, beginners or advanced ones, wishing to explore the natural beauty of this island through cycling.
We can provide you with assistance on which is the best bike model for you, according to your preferences, your desirable cycling areas and your budget. We offer several bikes for purchase in the greatest prices.
If you wish to repair your bike that has been broken down or you just want to upgrade it, contact us immediately. Every part of a bike is offered in our shop in low prices and of the highest quality.
We are always on hand to undertake the repair or maintenance of your bike, if needed. Our mechanics are willing to sort out your broken bike in order you to get ready for your next special ride around Corfu.
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