Kalisun Villas, Nea Kallikrateia

Kalisun Villas
Nea Kallikrateia, 63080 Halkidiki, Greece, Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece
630 80 Nea Kallikrateia - Halkidiki
Δυτικη Ελλαδα
Επιβεβαιωμένη καταχώριση, Ενημερώθηκε ένα μήνα πριν


Luxury villas are available for sale in Halkidiki. These houses for sale in the Greek islands are also situated within 15 minutes walking distance to the town proper, hospitals, supermarkets and restaurants, and come complete with accessible transportation and a Schengen visa for the entire family. More details visit here: - http:// www.kalisunvillas.com

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We would like to welcome you to our site and to thank you very much for you interest. During your virtual visit I hope you can obtain a vibrant impression of KaliSun Villas and the level of the properties we are able to offer you.

KaliSun Villas are built to offer the services of a world class villas while at the same time maintaining a human scale as well as protecting its surrounding environment of unique beauty.

The beautiful and tasteful complex of KaliSun Villas dotted around its beautiful gardens, opposite the stunning overlooking the Mountain of 12 Gods “Olympus”, next to the crystal waters of the Aegean and the endless golden beaches are sure to define an ideal holiday environment. A place where we’ll indulge your every wish and help you rediscover the simple things in life..

There is however no doubt that it is the smiley, friendly and most importantly, very capable people of KaliSun Villas, that give it life and finally express its individual qualities. On behalf of all of those people I would like to tell you that it would be our real pleasure and honor to join us in our world.
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